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  • Whitney Evolved at Kinetica 2012

    Here is the program for our installation at the Kinetica Art Fair 2012, projected on the back wall:  

  • Winter Particles

    Happy Holidays! It’s been ages since I posted anything, mostly because I’ve been so busy teaching at UCA Farnham and Openlab Workshops. Here’s a little something for the holidays. The code is below, and the source image was courtesy of Jan Tik on Flickr.

  • Twitter Words Visualization

    A visualization of each individual word used in twitter status updates overnight from 6PM GMT on Feb 22 2010 until 10AM GMT on Feb 23. Movement is caused by the list of words growing, as the program sees more individual words. Words used more often are larger and brighter (they grow logarithmically). There were a […]

  • Tests for a music video for PJE

    I’m working on a music video for a song by PJE called The Employee and doing some tests.  The idea is to create the surrealistic daydream of a 1950’s woman on her first day on the assembly line of a dreary, machine-like typist job.  I’m doing all the visuals rendered in fluxus, cut with some […]


    Recorded from a live performance.  My first audio-visual (not just visual) work in about 5 years.  Created for NOISE==NOISE and The Curiosity Collective’s JohnnyMass on 28 Dec. 2009.  Uses Fluxus & SuperCollider.

  • messing about with solid 3D geometry

    Just a sketch, playing with “extruded shapes” – basically, 3D geometry in a big long cheese log, doped up with some sinusoidal harmonics. Some code:

  • Toad Circle particle system

    Click to Play Playing with a circular particle system based on a water simulation, done using Fluxus ( Energy is tranferred between adjacent toads, so after time they start to bounce back and forth chaotically. Code:

  • The Cane Toad Orchestra at Space Studios pt 2

    Click to Play 22 Oct 2009 – music to come!

  • Pixelpusher and The Cane Toads at Shunt

    The Cane Toad Orchestra featuring PixelPusher (or so I like to call it) is playing Shunt next Thursday, Oct 1, 2009, as part of Toplap’s Livecode stage.  That’s right, we’ll have no choice but to make some livecoded music and visuals, and that means sonic and visual anarchy of the most chill quality, kind of […]

  • Top Hat Heads

    Click to Play More fun with old-tymey animations in fluxus, “parenting” objects so they move together, and making rings of things This video was originally shared on by pixelpusher with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.