Electrovision 9 March 2009

Electrovision, London’s most inventive visuals event

7:30 – 11:30pm
9th March 2009

Cafe 1001

1 Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane
London E1

*Free Entry*

Special guest SATBack provides a glimpse into the future of VJing. His
multi-touch-screen VJ system VPlay is a new paradigm of VJ interaction. Designed for collaboration, it gets the VJ out from behind the laptop, and allows the audience to get involved. Clips, effects, mixers and more can be dragged and linked on-screen to create dynamic visual flows. Direct from the lab, this pioneering prototype showcases the dramatic possibilities of surface computing.

This month’s Electrovision also features Pixelpusher, whose kaleidescopic
moving montages are accompanied by Cheju’s new album Broken Waves, for which he recently created 2 music videos.

Motion graphic designer Paul Mumford [Labmeta] gets out his microscope, to present an experimental DJ/VJ set on life at the nano-scale, featuring the secret life of particles.

Relaxed live cinema from Bassik+Pz blurs the boundaries between film and
VJing, with The_Brandy_Alexander_Project set to electronic dub.

Finally Oli Sorenson [VJ Anyone] provides a DVJ grand finale, which includes
the very latest AV single from his label Ne1co.

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