Glitchnight and Immersion Recap

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Dr. Mo has some great photos of yesterday’s ImmersionI have a few too. Lukas Vojir has some video of his and Dialog’s set as well.

Glitchnight added some photos of Glitchnight at Vibe Bar.

Thanks to all who attended both!  The performances were all top notch.  I love how people are going out of their way to create short, experimental pieces for Immersion nights.  To get up on my soapbox, I think its important that there are nights like this in London, where the emphasis is less on getting your face off into the wee hours at some loud club, or on producing a piece of absolute visual perfection on a massive stage, and more on producing some short but ambitious performances in front of an audience who is very willing to appreciate them, in a venue like The Flea Pit where you can enjoy some good ales and not freeze your bottom quarters off in a dodgy squat party while trying to dodge projectile projectors dropping from the ceilings above because the duct tape holding them up has come unstuck.

Not that I don’t love a good squat party, or that I haven’t played my share, but at some point in this business you want to feel a bit more physically safe and dry while performing with electronics, and also appreciated as an artist doing something legitimate and interesting.  The chance to do something risky, visually and technically, in a safe space lets you fail gracefully and, most importantly, interestingly.

Thanks to all who have been a big part of our great successes and graceful failures over the past few years!

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  1. Having short sets gives us (the performers) more chance to enjoy what everyone else has to show, and the format more of less guarantees that at least a few people are paying attention. At a busy bar on a Friday or Saturday night people often have a different agenda, so it is great (if a little pressurising) to have a real audience.

    Thanks to everyone for watching and listening, to the other artists for their interesting and inspiring work, to Evan for putting on the night and to The Flea-Pit for providing not only the physical space but the creative space or willingness to host such events.


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