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  • Web Audio – It is finally (almost) here?

    You might have seen that the new Angry Birds for Chrome has audio support but it falls back on Flash. Boo. Cheating. Then I saw this – http://sdfphd.net/creativepact2010/sdfahDev_0007.html – and realized that making proper music in a web browser isn’t just a far-off dream anymore. See what you can do with Javascript, the new web sound API (Chrome, Webkit, Mozilla) and Processing.js? Hmmm….

  • Creative Pact Day 7: Auduino

    IMG_3783 Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist Today was prep day for the first One Button Devices workshop for Openlab Workshops, so I dusted off the Arduino and sensors to make this simple “theramin-style” synthesizer using an infrared distance sensor and the Audiuno code form the lovely folks at Tinker.it.

  • Openlab Opennight 15 April 2010

    This Thursday I’m playing a super-secret gig at the Flea Pit (RIP) with the Openlab gang, sure to be a good time: http://www.pawfal.org/openlab/2010/03/28/opennight-4-thursday-15th-april-the-flea-pit/

  • Piksel 2007

    Don’t miss the Piksel live webcast of performances and talks. “Piksel is a festival and community for artists and developers working with Free/Libre and Open Source audiovisual software, hardware and art.” There are a few interesting speakers, from Reactivision to London Openlab’s very own Robert Atwood with his opensource Jackbytes software for analyzing audio in […]