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  • MakeArt2009: Day 2

    Blogging from MakeArt 2009 in Poitiers, France. Tonight I’m watching presentations from IOhannes M. Zmölnig (AT), Gábor Papp & Agoston Nagy (HU), Wesley Smith (US). IOhannes’s talk was about software as “intelligent” agents, which boiled down to programming using Pd (involving visual boxes you connect by wiring together bungee-like “patch cords”) using visual objects.  What […]

  • PopArt (a sketch)

    The first rule of blogging is to blog often.  So much for that. I’ve been traveling the world, and moving, and generally sans internet (that means “without internet” for all you non-French speakers).  In spite of this blog silence, I’ve been working on a lot of new things.  Like more experiments and sketches in Pop […]

  • Interactive Media Class

    I’ve been spending most of my waking hours teaching, recently, which is why you haven’t seen any upcoming shows on this site, or much more on the blog. Usually, I like to pull a Clark Kent and keep my day-job and secret pixelist identity separate, but just this one single time I’ll allow my worlds […]

  • New Website

    Hello fans and social acquaintances, PixelPusher proudly presents a powerfully purposeful and pretty new homepage. Now you can track my performances (both upcoming and past) via handy RSS feeds. You’ll notice the RSS icons in appropriate spots on these pages, they have 3 curvy lines and vaguely depict the broadcasting of something unspecific and digital. […]