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    An interactive exhibition by the multimedia artist, pixelpusher – http://pixelist.info/ I am very pleased to announce my first solo exhibition, WAVING/DROWNING, brought to you by Artsite in Swindon, UK. This series of works in sculpture, interactive projection, archival digital prints explores the shape of the hand in a series of modern mystical symbols. Their meaning is…

  • Tests for a music video for PJE

    I’m working on a music video for a song by PJE called The Employee and doing some tests.  The idea is to create the surrealistic daydream of a 1950’s woman on her first day on the assembly line of a dreary, machine-like typist job.  I’m doing all the visuals rendered in fluxus, cut with some…


    Recorded from a live performance.  My first audio-visual (not just visual) work in about 5 years.  Created for NOISE==NOISE and The Curiosity Collective’s JohnnyMass on 28 Dec. 2009.  Uses Fluxus & SuperCollider.

  • Smooth Hands

    hands-smooth-inner02 Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist I’ve been experimenting with extruded shapes, with the end goal of fabricating some interesting ones using a 3D printer at the University I teach at, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham (UK). So far, it has been a long learning process – first, making extrusions of my hands…

  • Forking Claude’s rdex-client

    As part of MakeArt 2009’s theme, forking (taking someone’s code and altering it so it becomes a new project built on top of it), I’ve forked Claude Heiland-Allen’s (claudius maximus) excellent rdex-client into an open source fluxus project on googlecode. What this does is (from Claude’s site): rdex-client is an installation that explores in an…

  • messing about with solid 3D geometry

    Just a sketch, playing with “extruded shapes” – basically, 3D geometry in a big long cheese log, doped up with some sinusoidal harmonics. Some code:

  • Toad Circle particle system

    Click to Play Playing with a circular particle system based on a water simulation, done using Fluxus (http://pawfal.org/fluxus). Energy is tranferred between adjacent toads, so after time they start to bounce back and forth chaotically. Code:

  • Top Hat Heads

    Click to Play More fun with old-tymey animations in fluxus, “parenting” objects so they move together, and making rings of things This video was originally shared on blip.tv by pixelpusher with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.

  • car circle sketch

    Click to Play done in fluxus

  • medusa – extruding drawing

    medusa Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist I was playing around with Fluxus today and Dave’s new extruding library. Now I can make drawings out of a collection of different 3d shapes along a path, and animate them growing… very fun stuff. Hopefully this will make its way into a music video soon. Code included…