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  • Immersion 7 Feb 2008 Wrap-up

    My first thought after (and during) this past Immersion at The Flea Pit, London – Where did all you people come from?! People were queued up in the hallway leading to the performance wing of The Pit for almost the entire night. It got so crowded that I had to stop videoing the event, people […]

  • 2008 February 7th – Immersion

    Another Immersion, and some excellent repeat performances as well as new faces manning the visuals (for us, anyway). Starting around 7pm and lasting until 11:30pm, on 7 February 2008 Spencer Mash (SS_R) & PixelPusher present a night of soundscapes, experimental music, and visuals as part of the ever-popular, on-going Immersion series at The Flea-Pit, London […]