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  • New ARToolkitPlus for Cinder Release

    Just wanted to announce that I’ve updated the ARToolKit block to use much better methods for detecting and loading patterns and also integrating proper 3D positioning, as people have asked for. The newest version should be here: http://code.google.com/p/artoolkitplus-for-cinder/downloads/list  

  • Processing Minimal Scenegraph

    I’ve been thinking recently about Processing and animation.  One of the really nice things about it is that it lets you build up visuals from the ground up, from fairly minimal amounts of code and basic shapes.  Contrast this with Flash (ActionScript 3.0) where immediately you are using complex objects with a display hierarchy built-in. […]

  • Drawn Together at MakeArt2010

    The opening reception at MakeArt in Poitiers, France last night was great – over 100 people, and enough participated in my Drawn Together project to animate the first 20 seconds of Chris McCormick’s energetic track “Sphereflake” twice over:

  • MakeArt 2010

    Hey all, I’m off to MakeArt 2010 in Poitiers, France for the next 5 days to show a completely free/open source version of Drawn Together!

  • Drawn Together

    Drawn Together An interactive installation project, exploring creative crowd sourcing in hand drawn music videos. Shown at the Big Chill Festival, August  2010 The result of Drawn Together at The Big Chill festival, 4-8 August 2010: More images here and here About Drawn Together: Drawn Together allows groups of individuals to create a music video […]

  • Forking Claude’s rdex-client

    As part of MakeArt 2009’s theme, forking (taking someone’s code and altering it so it becomes a new project built on top of it), I’ve forked Claude Heiland-Allen’s (claudius maximus) excellent rdex-client into an open source fluxus project on googlecode. What this does is (from Claude’s site): rdex-client is an installation that explores in an […]

  • MakeArt2009: Day 2

    Blogging from MakeArt 2009 in Poitiers, France. Tonight I’m watching presentations from IOhannes M. Zmölnig (AT), Gábor Papp & Agoston Nagy (HU), Wesley Smith (US). IOhannes’s talk was about software as “intelligent” agents, which boiled down to programming using Pd (involving visual boxes you connect by wiring together bungee-like “patch cords”) using visual objects.  What […]

  • messing about with solid 3D geometry

    Just a sketch, playing with “extruded shapes” – basically, 3D geometry in a big long cheese log, doped up with some sinusoidal harmonics. Some code:

  • Featured on SketchPatch

    I’m proud to announce that the gang at SketchPatch.net were kind enough to make me the featured artist this month! For those of you who haven’t seen it, SketchPatch is a playground for Processing sketches, where you can create, edit, share, and copy others’ sketches.  All sketches on the site are Creative Commons  3.0 attribution […]

  • Toad Circle particle system

    Click to Play Playing with a circular particle system based on a water simulation, done using Fluxus (http://pawfal.org/fluxus). Energy is tranferred between adjacent toads, so after time they start to bounce back and forth chaotically. Code: