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  • Spiral tests in 3D

    Spiral tests in 3D

    This weekend I’m using toxiclibs to create better 3D geometry for my 3D printable spirals, so I won’t have to use any support material and the end result will be a smoother shape that is much faster to print. I’m using splines (smooth curves) to create geometry and smooth over my blockier, hand-crafted, simply down-sampled […]

  • Toad Particle Draw on Android

    This is a bit silly – been playing with Processing, getting into the deep geometric capabilities of toxiclibs and GLGraphics and Android. It started as a new VJ… er, “pixelist” app for live performance for a jam session celebrating our friend Olivier Ruellet’s life and untimely death last year from what we think was swine […]

  • Winter Particles

    Happy Holidays! It’s been ages since I posted anything, mostly because I’ve been so busy teaching at UCA Farnham and Openlab Workshops. Here’s a little something for the holidays. The code is below, and the source image was courtesy of Jan Tik on Flickr.

  • Review: Art at The Big Chill

    The result of Drawn Together at The Big Chill festival, 4-8 August 2010: More images here and here Drawn together is an interactive installation project, exploring creative crowd sourcing in hand drawn music videos.   It allows groups of individuals to create a music video by asking each of them to visually interpret small sections of […]

  • Simple Depth-of-field in Processing

    I hacked up an example of doing depth-of-field in Processing, based in part on the Bloom example that comes with the GLGraphics library, and heavily in part on Memo’s pervious experiment with DOP.  It does depth-of-field based solely on the brightness of the pixels, and relies on the fact that the background is white, but […]

  • Processing Workshop 25 April

    I will hold an introductory, 2 hour Processing workshop aimed at visual artists at Openlab 5, which will be at cafe oto on the 25th of April. For the first half, I will introduce Processing, some essential resources and books for learning it and for programming in general, and show some examples. The second half […]

  • My Processing Monster

    My Processing Monster is up on Lukas Vojir’s collection of Monsters built using Processing.

  • Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

    For all you Americans out there. Here is a Processing sketch of some bouncy turkeys for you to play with. Happy Turkey Day!

  • Noise Spears Processing Sketch

    This is my suped-up version of the old flight404 and toxi Processing sketch – it uses Perlin noise to create a moving field of very organic-looking daggers.  toxi used it for hairs, and now I made an intricate version that uses 3D daggers drawn using OpenGL.

  • PopArt (a sketch)

    The first rule of blogging is to blog often.  So much for that. I’ve been traveling the world, and moving, and generally sans internet (that means “without internet” for all you non-French speakers).  In spite of this blog silence, I’ve been working on a lot of new things.  Like more experiments and sketches in Pop […]