Tag: Rob-Munro

  • Immersion 2008 4 December

    Experimental electronics, noise, tones/drones and pulses/rhythms, partnered by cutting edge projected art visuals – all processed live. At The Flea Pit, Columbia Rd, Hackney, London, E2 7RG. Artists featured: Sound: ABKomm // Alnagak // Infinite Scale // Removal Company // Suero // Zainetica (details at http://www.immersion.100freemb.com/immersionclub/event.html) Visuals: Dr. Mo Veteran VJ and master of visual […]

  • Openlab4 – A Night of Free Everything

    Nov. 25, 2007 Here in the European heart of global finance that is London, there are no shortage of closed, corporate-sponsored, invite-only events promoting proprietary products with secret formulas and patented ideas. A refreshing break from this trend is the perennial [tag]Openlab[/tag] series of events, now in its fourth incarnation. Openlab is a loose collective […]

  • 25 November 2007, Openlab 4 @ Melange

    Openlab4 >>=========<< 25th Nov 2007 Free Software and ideas talks + music + visuals + performances brought to you by Openlab