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  • Terradisco pics

    2009-02-22 01.19.44 Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist I took some shots of Terradisco (with my new G-phone… kind of a shitty camera in the dark due to lack of flash and all automatic controls). Most of the photos I took were early on in the evening, before it got packed. It was an interesting…

  • Terradisco at Club Hidden 21 Feb 2009

    Terradisco At Club Hidden! 100 Tinworth St., Vauxhall. ZAN LYONS (Live AV set) JULIEN OTTAIVI aka THE NOISE (Area 10) ZERO POINT ENERGY (Noise=Noise) KONSTRUCT FZV (A.I / Pitchless Industries) CODEX EUROPA (Level X) PATRICIDE Capade Duodroume [In]flussi N-Eye Ah Oddscene Pixel Pusher Slub Zan Lyons