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  • Print performance

    I did a livestreamed gig for xylemrecords and it was fun, but I just couldn’t get my ultra-complex effects to work (Windows!!!) so I recorded it again – here’s a little improv 3D printing techno. It’s not fantastic, and I realised that there were a few nasty bugs (that I fixed today – async programming…

  • BITLIP performances

    BITLIP performances

    About BITLIP BITLIP focuses on creating musical, listenable sounds that people can dance too. Coming from a background in both jazz and cut-and-paste sampling he tries to combine the controlled spontaneity of musical improvisation with the textural eeriness of found sounds. His influences are quite wide, ranging from minimalist techno, classic rap, Steve Reich, Alice…

  • Video Tracking for Curtain Call

    I put a few videos of the people-tracking system I’m using for Roundhouse’s Curtain Call up on youtube:

  • Setting up for The Curtain at Roundhouse

    I have been commissioned by the Roundhouse as interactive developer on this project, working with artist and designer Joe Hardy to make his vision of a shimmering curtain of light that reacts to people’s presence a reality.


    An interactive exhibition by the multimedia artist, pixelpusher – http://pixelist.info/ I am very pleased to announce my first solo exhibition, WAVING/DROWNING, brought to you by Artsite in Swindon, UK. This series of works in sculpture, interactive projection, archival digital prints explores the shape of the hand in a series of modern mystical symbols. Their meaning is…

  • Twitter Words Visualization

    A visualization of each individual word used in twitter status updates overnight from 6PM GMT on Feb 22 2010 until 10AM GMT on Feb 23. Movement is caused by the list of words growing, as the program sees more individual words. Words used more often are larger and brighter (they grow logarithmically). There were a…

  • Tests for a music video for PJE

    I’m working on a music video for a song by PJE called The Employee and doing some tests.  The idea is to create the surrealistic daydream of a 1950’s woman on her first day on the assembly line of a dreary, machine-like typist job.  I’m doing all the visuals rendered in fluxus, cut with some…

  • Michael Santos and PixelPusher at Immersion 2008-08-07 p2

    Click to Play Aug 7, 2008 at Immersion, in Hackney, London. Part 2 of 2. This video was originally shared on blip.tv by pixelpusher with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

  • beardos at Area10 MediaLab

    The Beardos at Re:Boot at Peckham’s Area10 Medialab launch party.

  • video – Immersion 6 Dec 2007 Set 2 with 0 > 1

    Energetic and and intense set from PixelPusher (visuals) and 0 > 1 (sound). Dang it, there was such good bass in the room when I recorded this track, but my camera microphone didn’t pick up any of it. To get the full experience, get out a large metallic drum and give it a good whack…