video – Immersion 4 Oct 2007 Set 1 with Duskrider

I really liked this set. The whole night started off with some great, soundtrack-style, moody electronic soundscapes courtesy of Duskrider and I brought some dark, video destroying software to match.

PixelPusher and DuskRider 2007-10-4 Immersion
Quicktime Divx (640 x 360) ~148MB

This is getting to be a very mature set of mine, and there are no more technical oddities or audio funkiness after a year of playing at ‘the pit’, and I think it shows. Getting a clean audio signal at a live event is no less than a magic trick, but we’ve got it down to a sweet, sweet science by now.

The underlying video source was taken by my friend and fellow video artist Pamela Vitale from a Brooklyn, New York apartment that was abandoned for years and left to ruin. The inside of the place was magnificent: dark, dusty, decrepit. What more, the previous tenant had a thing for collecting things, such as a few shelves over-flowing with irons, another with telephones, and others with toasters and the obligatory hoards of magazines and newspapers.

I used the Video Destroyer software that I’ve been working on for the past six or so months, and a Nintendo Wii plus traditional mouse and keyboard to control the video and layering of shapes. The Wii portion itself is based on a patch that chops up video into segments and lets you jump through them at variable speed using the Wii. More on this at a later date.

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