ARToolKitPlus in OpenFrameworks

I’ve been working on an interesting project for early 2011 using augmented reality (AR) and Animata (from Kitchen Budapest). I’ve looked at using Processing for it, and Flash, but nothing really speaks to me as far as speed and reliability and flexibility of development.  So I looked into OpenFrameworks and ARToolKitPlus, which was recommended to me today in a total coincidence involving our flat’s heater breaking and forcing me to work in the London Hackspace.  So, I randomly and luckily met Tasos Varoudis, who teaches at UCL and knows a lot about AR, and was kind enough to help me find the required code to get started.  Which was not easy! All the links I could find were either broken or half-working.

So, dear reader, in the spirit of openness, I offer you a download of the ofxARToolKitPlus addon and a working example (you will need to modify it slightly for Windows and Linux – see the comment in setup() in testApp.cpp). This works with the newest OpenFrameworks version 0062.

Happy Reality Augmenting!

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  1. Hello Evan,

    I’m new to C++ programming. After playing around with your version of ARToolKit+ and Cinder i got really excited! Next i tried combining ARToolKit+ and your OpenFrameworks example but i get stuck at the setup() method. How do i need to change this to make it work in windows?

    Tanks in advance!

  2. Thank you for you code. I am working on ARToolKit+ for a few weeks. I am always puzzled over how to use the mark just like ARToolKit.
    Do you have any suggestion?

  3. thnx for this time saving source ,
    I was wondering how can I only have the projected matrix move right/left and up/down without moving into depth , I’m poor with Opengl knowledge but sounds like it’s related to m34 ,

  4. Dear Sir,
    I’m a student. I’m working with augmented reality now and I am really interested in your work. However, your code posted don’t work in my case. I download OF 0062 running on visual Studio 2010, every other example code, work well. I put addon file of ofxArtoolkit on addon file and copy your example on OF example folder. I try to run it but it got a lot of errors. I don’t know why, Can it be in wrong steps i took. Can you help me?

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