Creative Pact Day 6: SeaGame v001

Today (for Creative Pact 2010) I took my little game engine and created a fully working game out of it.  I finished some more assets – rocks and shells and things you find near the water, traced from some pictures I took on the banks of the Thames.  The goal is to collect the buried treasure by clicking on it, as fast as possible.  It’s a start – the next version will have shake sensors and other moving characters you need to click on.

Writing a game, you realize that the coding part of the time is tiny compared to the “figuring out what the heck the game should do and creating all the visual assets” time.  Especially the visual assets, mostly because I prefer to draw them by hand and not take from other sources.  I like that cartoony aesthetic in a video game, as you can probably tell.

If you have an android phone, you can install it from here.

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