Creative Pact Day 8

I swear I did something, but I ran out of time to post it.

First, I registered FLKR as a merchant on the Android Marketplace, so I can start selling games.  Second, I added some much needed difficulty to the SeaGame prototype, so a giant fish swims by occasionally and blocks you from collecting treasure, and the treasure itself now moves about as it shrinks/expands.  The trick with these games is to make them simple, repetitive, but (slightly) physically difficult.

For now, my time is about to be absorbed by the CGA (Computer Game Arts) degree at UCA Farnham, where we have induction of the first set of first year students ever for the course.  I’m a little excited, and also intimidated by having to instruct 32 students who probably are more up to date with games than an old fogey like myself.  We received a shipment of new kit – Playstation 3, Wii, XBox360, Nintendo DSi, PSP, etc – and it took 3 of us to find the “on” switch for the PSP.  Ah, Sony, and their deliberately opaque sense of design.  If you can’t turn the blasted thing on, you aren’t cool enough to use it.

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