Game Show Hackathon Workshop at Mozfest 2013

Some of you might know that we’re planning a few workshops for MozFest 2013.  The planning is in full swing, and I wanted to give you a quick report on it.

This session will be a 3-4 hour long hack session where we build a complete, working, fun, online game show with bespoke buzzers for contestants, as explained in this diagram:

We’ll look at a variety of technologies including NodeJS (a multipurpose JavaScript server technology) that we’ll use to communicate with the bespoke Arduino-based game controllers (buzzers) that the contestants use, while the main game design and programming will be created using Meteor, a NodeJS-based server that makes setting up multi-user web apps much easier.

You’re all very welcome to come and hack and create the game with us! Check the Mozilla Festival schedule closer to the day for out session details (the “Global Gameshow Hackathon”) or ask Evan.

The other workshop is on Flathead, a new in-browser system for making apps, run by James Morris.  This tool looks very promising in that it is a very simple and incredibly quick way to create apps using only a browser.  James will also go over how to create your own components for the AppMaker.


Also, we’re working on a 3D (using glasses) Javascript example developed by some friends of ours from Barcelona…

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