Google’s GWT for Web Games

I’ve been (slowly) working on a side project with my students that is a Processing “games engine” – or at least, a system for developing games in a reusable and sane way using Processing, that deploys onto Android, the web, etc.
Then I saw what Google’s been up to.

Using Processing, Android and the web are easy to deploy to, but performance is pretty poor.  Really poor.  I’d like to dig deeper and see why that is – there’s not a clear answer right now, whether it’s a question of image drawing/caching, poor OpenGL implementation, shallow stack depth, or something else.  Processing is a brilliant tool-for-all-trades, so I have to admit that using it to write games that require good performance is somewhat of a stretch.

Has anyone used GWT? This could knock Processing for a loop, especially in the games area.  It’s really doing what Processing has tried to do with medium success, with multiple renderers for multiple platforms.  The downside (or upside, depending on where you’re coming from) is that it’s pretty solidly mired in Java syntax, so a simplified editor is probably out of the question.


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