Guest of Cindy Sherman movie out

A few years ago, my alter-ego did some work on this film while he was a semi-starving graduate student living in NYC. Paul H-O took me under his wing and showed me a world of art Tribeca lofts, Manhattan Special soda, art celebrities, how to sit and shoot the shit about art and sound like I knew what I was talking about, and most importantly, how to get properly thrown out of a gallery. We did some websites, blogs, test animations, and talked art, abused interns, and it was a generally a good time.

Now the result of all that, culminating in a few years of monk-like dedication by Paul and Tom Donahue, has produced a feature film for the Sundance Channel, currently screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. Rising to the occasion, Paul has an interview out on

Personally, I haven’t seen the (finished) film but what I’d seen before was compelling stuff. Certainly worth a look if you’re in New York City, and hopefully we’ll see it on Sundance soon enough.

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