LivePrinter Workshops January 2019

I ran 2 days of workshops about LivePrinter, the open source cybernetic system for 3D printing that I’ve been developing to re-evolve 3D printers and 3D printing in a more intuitive, hands-on, iterative, exploratory way.

In all, we had about 20 people attending and helping do some intensive user testing, finding bugs (some hard ones with extrusion got fixed!) and giving some feedback on the future usage of the system. People really seemed to like drawing live with the 3D printers, and were especially excited about doing some generative work. I’ve got a Koch snowflake fractal example in the works, and a live-drawing with the mouse example, and much better “getting started” documentation that will be online soon.

lots of practicing with simple shapes to get a feel for drawing speed, printing temperature, and the basic commands
experimenting with printing vector shapes on paper using molten plastic (PLA)

I’ll be running another workshop at ICLC next week in Madrid (January 16).

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