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  • Drawing Ribbons in Fluxus

    Playing with drawing ribbons in Fluxus (part of my mater plan to port all of my live-drawing software to Fluxus). (This code is about 70% taken from Dave Griffith‘s L-Systems drawing code – thanks Dave!)

  • Terradisco pics

    2009-02-22 01.19.44 Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist I took some shots of Terradisco (with my new G-phone… kind of a shitty camera in the dark due to lack of flash and all automatic controls). Most of the photos I took were early on in the evening, before it got packed. It was an interesting […]

  • Livecoding at Resonance Ghent 28 Feb 2009

    PixelPusher wil be joining veteran livecoders Dave Griffiths and Gabor Papp as part of a livecoding workshop and performance night for Resonance, Ghent, Belgium.  I promise to crash my laptop at least once duting the performance, just so you know its live! This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Feb 27-Mar 1) we have: * Fokke de […]