Livecoding at Resonance Ghent 28 Feb 2009

PixelPusher wil be joining veteran livecoders Dave Griffiths and Gabor Papp as part of a livecoding workshop and performance night for Resonance, Ghent, Belgium.  I promise to crash my laptop at least once duting the performance, just so you know its live!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Feb 27-Mar 1) we have:

* Fokke de Jong (.nl) and Jan-Kees Van Kampen (.nl). Pulsecode versus
* Dave Griffiths (slub, .uk), Fluxus. Alex McLean joins virtually.
* Gabor Papp (No Copy Paste, .hu), Fluxus.
* Graham Coleman (.us), database madness?
* Antti Jadertpolm (.fi), Photoshop.
* Evan Raskob (“Pixelpusher”, .us), Fluxus.


* Kuz.b (.fr), Supercollider versus System 100

And all of this, supported by (
Machinefabriek, Eavesdropper, Alva Noto, Move D & Benjamin Brunn,
Efdemin, Claro Intelecto & Andy Stott, Peter van Hoesen, Mokira,
Deepchord presents Echospace ).