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  • On Makers and Making

    Recently, on an email list I’m subscribed to, this article on Salon by Debbie Chachra came up for discussion. There are 3 points I took away from this article that are not firmly related but somehow became mixed up in this not-very-coherent rant against “Makers” and “Making.” Firstly, as some people pointed out, there is […]

  • Glitchnight and Immersion Recap

    Uploaded by dr.mo on 13 Feb 09, 12.16AM GMT. Dr. Mo has some great photos of yesterday’s Immersion.  I have a few too. Lukas Vojir has some video of his and Dialog’s set as well. Glitchnight added some photos of Glitchnight at Vibe Bar. Thanks to all who attended both!  The performances were all top […]