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  • TEDxKids Brussels 2011

    Last week (June 1st) the gang at TWSU (Technology Will Save Us) and I took two groups of about twenty 10-yr-olds through a basic soldering workshop as part of TEDxKids Brussels 2011┬áThis was both one of the most tiring and most inspiring workshops I’ve ever taught, with the added bonus that directly afterwards we gave our TEDx talk!

  • Emotional Contagion

    A project I’ve done some work for is having an event this week at the Dana Centre, London: Date: Wednesday, 13th February, 19:00 – 20.30 Event: Dana Center, Science Museum, London Artist: Tina Gonsalves http://www.tinagonsalves.com Are emotions infectious? Why can one person make a previously upbeat group feel glum? How does empathy work? Experience emotional […]