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    Recorded from a live performance.  My first audio-visual (not just visual) work in about 5 years.  Created for NOISE==NOISE and The Curiosity Collective’s JohnnyMass on 28 Dec. 2009.  Uses Fluxus & SuperCollider.

  • Smooth Hands

    hands-smooth-inner02 Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist I’ve been experimenting with extruded shapes, with the end goal of fabricating some interesting ones using a 3D printer at the University I teach at, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham (UK). So far, it has been a long learning process – first, making extrusions of my hands…

  • messing about with solid 3D geometry

    Just a sketch, playing with “extruded shapes” – basically, 3D geometry in a big long cheese log, doped up with some sinusoidal harmonics. Some code:

  • Featured on SketchPatch

    I’m proud to announce that the gang at were kind enough to make me the featured artist this month! For those of you who haven’t seen it, SketchPatch is a playground for Processing sketches, where you can create, edit, share, and copy others’ sketches.  All sketches on the site are Creative Commons  3.0 attribution…

  • Toad Circle particle system

    Click to Play Playing with a circular particle system based on a water simulation, done using Fluxus ( Energy is tranferred between adjacent toads, so after time they start to bounce back and forth chaotically. Code:

  • The Cane Toad Orchestra at Space Studios pt 2

    Click to Play 22 Oct 2009 – music to come!

  • Pixelpusher and The Cane Toads at Shunt

    The Cane Toad Orchestra featuring PixelPusher (or so I like to call it) is playing Shunt next Thursday, Oct 1, 2009, as part of Toplap’s Livecode stage.  That’s right, we’ll have no choice but to make some livecoded music and visuals, and that means sonic and visual anarchy of the most chill quality, kind of…

  • Top Hat Heads

    Click to Play More fun with old-tymey animations in fluxus, “parenting” objects so they move together, and making rings of things This video was originally shared on by pixelpusher with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.

  • Processing Workshop 17 Sept

    I’m giving a Processing workshop about how to make things happen with sound, at Space Studio, Hackney.  Details at and

  • Pitch Control at the Takeaway Festival 19-30 May

    The Science Museum’s Dana Centre 165 Queen’s Gate South Kensington London SW7 5HD Pitch Control is a musical instrument that allows you to play a projected choir of (mostly) amateur singers. Here’s some further information on it: There’s a viewing night on May 19th. If you’d like to come along, please email…