pixelpusher (Evan Raskob, USA & UK) is an educator and practicing artist whose works span the mediums of moving image, sound, installation, performance, computer games, and interactive art.  For the previous 6 years, Evan lectured in Digital Film and Screen Arts and helped run the Computer Games Arts course at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, while also teaching Product Design and Interaction at Ravensbourne.  Currently he helps run the Web Media course as a Senior Lecturer at Ravensbourne, and continues to make art, participating recently in the City Noises project where he collaborated with artists from Helsinki and Budapest to create an installation of 40 electronic “birds” with human calls and hand-coloured plumage, based on workshops with people from his travels.  Recent exhibitions include Waving / Drowning, a gallery show of human movements crystallized into a series of digital prints, sculptures, and interactive software, and Drawn Together, an interactive installation project exploring creative crowd sourcing in hand drawn music videos, featured at The Big Chill festival in 2010.  Previous, Evan worked with on a number of projects, including mixed-media sculptures of moons and planets with veteran artist Robert Whitman.  Evan is an active member of both the open source and visual performance communities in London, New York, and enjoys playing indie video games.

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Quick stats

  • Evan Raskob, born 1977, USA, lives and works as a fine artist, consultant, and educator in the UK
  • Spoke at TEDxKids Brussels in 2011
  • Previous solo exhibitions include: Waving/Drowning at The Post Modern, Swindon, and 10 Gales Gallery, London
  • Recent exhibitions include CityNoises (Helsinki, Budapest)
  • Past shows include:  Tint Arts’ Unleashed Devices at Watermans, London, September-October 2010, Drawn Together at The Big Chill Festival, August  2010, and more – check the blog for details!
  • Assisted artist Robert Whitman on a series of works at Pace Wildenstein Gallery in New York City from 2004-2008
  • Created a unique, wall-and-ceiling-based live visual performance system for 750 3rd Ave., New York City, home of Fairchild Publications
  • Founded and teaches for Openlab Workshops (, an Open Source software education venture completely run by and for artists and designers.
  • Co-organized Immersion, a regular experimental audio-visual performance night from 2006-2008
  • Lectures at UK universities (currently Ravensbourne)
  • Recently created a visuals DVD for VJLoops using Open Source video games engine Fluxus.

Topics of Interest

  • Computer programming and education (especially games and web media)
  • DIY hardware and the hacker ethos
  • Creative collective conscious in the modern age
  • Open source art and culture
  • Using software to create art
  • Crowd sourcing in modern art
  • Alternative days out, summer festival features and contemporary art
  • Live performance using digital tools