Tag: 2008

  • Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

    For all you Americans out there. Here is a Processing sketch of some bouncy turkeys for you to play with. Happy Turkey Day!

  • offset circles take two

    Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist on flkr I’ve been playing with the offsetcircles patch from before, and came up with a whole bunch of nice results. Taking a page from Claude, I made the drawing recursive (hmm… makes me want to use Scheme…) and rendered out these two short videos. These are fun experiments…

  • movement bubbles sketch

    I was playing around with doing some object tracking and movement recognition when I started playing and came up with a quick sketch that turns detected movement into bubbles. It’s a good starting point for a series of interactive works, I think. I can see adding image textures to the bubbles, as well as making…