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  • Glitchnight 22 April 2009 Recap

    Clear Visuals Originally uploaded by mrglitch I had some fun at Glitchnight. Great music! I really enjoyed playing along to the sometimes dark, always engaging Will, Z-arc, Soundhacker. Just for kicks, I remixed “The Black Hole” and “Barbarella” along with some interesting old French music films from the 60’s. Quite a few people were suprised […]

  • Glitchnight 22 April 2009

    Glitchnight continues at London’s funky Vibe Bar on Brick Lane, with more amazing live electronic music…this month a special album launch party! We’ve teamed up with UK label Boltfish Recordings to host a launch party for Mint’s new album “Cardboard Rocketships” (released on April 30th). The artist will be in attendance to play a live […]

  • Glitchnight and Immersion Recap

    Uploaded by dr.mo on 13 Feb 09, 12.16AM GMT. Dr. Mo has some great photos of yesterday’s Immersion.  I have a few too. Lukas Vojir has some video of his and Dialog’s set as well. Glitchnight added some photos of Glitchnight at Vibe Bar. Thanks to all who attended both!  The performances were all top […]

  • Glitchnight 11 Feb 2009

    Join The Beaufort Scale, inputJunkie, David Lackenby and PixelPusher for Glitchnight at the Vibe Bar on 11 Feb! Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=44573587579