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  • Sign posts and teaching

    Sign posts and teaching

    I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and recently I’ve been feeling a little bit stale. I want to update my methods and content to be more in line with what I really feel is necessary in teaching, like helping students develop critical thinking skills and learn how to learn on their own. Before, I think […]

  • Teaching social skills?

    Teaching social skills?

    I’m doing a little research into group work and assessment (remember, I teach at a UK university – Ravensbourne‘s Web Media BA program, to be exact) and reading David Boud’s “Enhancing Learning through Self Assessment” in preparation for another term of new units with some fresh (for me) exercises to get students assessing one another […]

  • Computational Designer In Residence at Ravensbourne

    I’ve recently been appointed as Computational Designer at Ravensbourne, which allows me to continue developing open source software for art and design and also teaching people how to make things using software (and programmable hardware).  Just as in my TEDx talk about the need for teaching technology and creativity, Ravensbourne has graciously agreed that “Computational […]

  • Summer 09 Update

    I’m taking some time off from (public) performances to teach a series of workshops across London as part of Openlab, and possibly the UK (if you count Newcastle and Birmingham as across the UK).  Also, our crew at ML Studio has been working on a few exciting new projects, from laser-projected dancing to games and […]