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  • Mentoring at Never There Residency

    Mentoring at Never There Residency

    I’ve been mentoring a talented group of artists at the Never There Festival this week. It’s been interesting – we’ve been meeting partially in a warren of Mozilla Hubs rooms that Barra and his group very skillfully and thoughtfully put together. One of them is a little hut with a comfy looking sofa (so sad […]

  • Algorave on the CyberYacht

    The lovely people in TOPLAP Berlin, CNDSD (@CNDSD_ on twitter) and Alexandra CardenĂ¡s organised an Algorave on the CyberYacht, a VR-ish “cyber party” on Mozilla hubs. I performed my work-in-progress live 3D printing techno set, which you can see here (my set starts 32:42 into this video): There were some other great performances – the […]