Author: Evan Raskob

  • Teaching in the age of reproduction

    Revisiting Walter Benjamin’s Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and found this paraphrasing that seems to describe our current situation with online teaching: Although Benjamin discusses photography briefly, his argument focuses primarily on the revolutionary potential of film as a mode of mechanical reproduction. The film actor, unlike stage performers, does not face or […]

  • Mentoring at Never There Residency

    Mentoring at Never There Residency

    I’ve been mentoring a talented group of artists at the Never There Festival this week. It’s been interesting – we’ve been meeting partially in a warren of Mozilla Hubs rooms that Barra and his group very skillfully and thoughtfully put together. One of them is a little hut with a comfy looking sofa (so sad […]

  • Algorave on the CyberYacht

    The lovely people in TOPLAP Berlin, CNDSD (@CNDSD_ on twitter) and Alexandra Cardenás organised an Algorave on the CyberYacht, a VR-ish “cyber party” on Mozilla hubs. I performed my work-in-progress live 3D printing techno set, which you can see here (my set starts 32:42 into this video): There were some other great performances – the […]

  • Print performance

    I did a livestreamed gig for xylemrecords and it was fun, but I just couldn’t get my ultra-complex effects to work (Windows!!!) so I recorded it again – here’s a little improv 3D printing techno. It’s not fantastic, and I realised that there were a few nasty bugs (that I fixed today – async programming […]

  • Collaborative streams using Icecast, OBS and YouTube

    Collaborative streams using Icecast, OBS and YouTube

    Every spring, when the squirrels start foraging for nuts and bears awake from their long hungry slumber, livecoders from around the world crawl out of their sleepy dens to participate in a global series of online concerts. They call this livestreaming festival Eulerroom Equinox (yes, that’s a pun on the ubiquitous ‘Boiler Room’ series of […]

  • A minilanguage for 3D printing ver 1

    This past week I’ve been in Brighton working on the MIMIC Project at the EMUTE Lab with the Sema development team, Thor and Francisco and Chris. Part of the project is about creating livecoding languages for machine learning, and we’ve spent a few days getting deep into their hackable livecoding language and software, called SEMA. […]

  • LivePrinter at Goldsmiths for the Toplap 15 Birthday Algorave

  • The CyberAnthill

    The CyberAnthill

    I’ve been developing a new art work, The CyberAnthill. It’s loosely based on a space-filling cellular automaton that was in turn partially based on a cross between Langton’s Ant and the Tron light cycles game. It’s a way of filling up 2D spaces, like grids, with emergent systems that are unpredictable in their internal form […]

  • LivePrinter Workshops January 2019

    LivePrinter Workshops January 2019

    I ran 2 days of workshops about LivePrinter, the open source cybernetic system for 3D printing that I’ve been developing to re-evolve 3D printers and 3D printing in a more intuitive, hands-on, iterative, exploratory way. In all, we had about 20 people attending and helping do some intensive user testing, finding bugs (some hard ones […]

  • Sign posts and teaching

    Sign posts and teaching

    I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and recently I’ve been feeling a little bit stale. I want to update my methods and content to be more in line with what I really feel is necessary in teaching, like helping students develop critical thinking skills and learn how to learn on their own. Before, I think […]