Cross Squawk at Ravensbourne

Cross Squawk by Pixelpusher

After over a year, I’m happy to announce that my project Cross Squawk is being shown at Ravensbourne!

There is a detailed record and explanation of the project and philosophy behind it here.

The opening event will be 7-9PM on Wednesday 17th April at Ravensbourne:

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You can find a detailed presentation on it here.

Cross-Squawk is an art installation by Evan Raskob (Senior Lecturer, Web Media BA, Ravensbourne: investigating the unspoken ideas of individual identity, creativity, and social class, and how they reveal themselves in the patterns of communication across different social groups and classes in public spaces. Modeled on the territorial songs of city birds such as sparrows, the installation consists of a modified flock of sculptural “birds” with human voices, recorded from the UK, Budapest (HU), and Helsinki (FI) residents by the artist during the workshops where they created their individual birds. These sculptures sing their territorial (or friendly, depending on your point of reference) songs in a call-and-response pattern, modeled on the dispersion of birdsong in the wild. The birds are composed of different parts that represent important aspects of social status. These were determined by questions asked of participants in workshops, who then coloured the birds by hand according to their individual personalities. They then recorded the bird’s song, in the form of what they would cry out to their most intimate friends or family members. This project was part of City Noises ( in association with Stream Arts, Crucible Studio (Helsinki, Finland), Ravensbourne (London, UK) and Szövetség’39 (Budapest, Hungary) and supported by Ravensbourne and the EU Commission.


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