dorkbot london #85

I organised dorkbot london #85 with some much needed help from Thor at Stream Arts in Greenwich and some tasty Kernel beer straight from the brewery!

Some images are on flickr.

Nick Rothwell showing Field
Nick Rothwell showing Field

Featured speakers:

Rob Phillips speaks about bees & labs and DIY tech:

The BeeLab project is a partnership between Horizon Digital Economy Research (, Robert Phillips (, Technology Will Save Us (, The Honey Club ( and The British Beekeepers Association (, the project aims to enable the beekeeping community to enhance the care for bees by harnessing the power of open design, DIY technology and citizen science.

Over the past few months, Bee Lab has put on a series of hackdays bringing together technologists, product designers and engineers to work with beekeepers to co-create customisable, monitoring devices that can be inserted into hives to sense different signals for the beekeeper to read – including frame or feeder weight, whole hive weight, temperature and humidity. The idea is that the more that the bees can communicate to their beekeeper, the more the beekeeper can understand and respond to them without even opening up the hive.
Nick Rothwell presents Field, an open-source hybrid visual/language-based development environment designed for exploring code and creating digital artworks.

Camille Baker expounds on upcoming events and ways artists and techies can get involved and put in proposals for the residencies they can be apart of over the next few months:

ICT & ART Connect sets out to bring together artists and technologists to explore new ways of working. Collaborative acts of co-creation, together with an open and multidisciplinary discussion, will foster the bringing together of art and technology.  Recurring open calls for residencies will be offered to pairings willing to contribute a pilot project to the initiative. Moreover, all events will provide a space of discussion and creation through multidisciplinary round-tables, workshops, ‘hackathons’ and demonstrations.

Peter Todd wows us with some realtime fractal eye-candy for the iPad.

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