beardos at Area10 MediaLab

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The Beardos at Re:Boot at Peckham’s Area10 Medialab launch party.
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It’s not every day that I get to play in a massive, unfinished space the size of an aircraft hangar, in front of a massive screen that makes makes me look like a moth diving at the moon. Yes, this was the “Beardos” outing at the makeshift Area10 Medialab, an artists’ cooperative in Peckham, London, nestled behind the Jolly Rancher-candy-sculpture Peckham Library in what looks to be an old timber storage facility.

The Beardos are collectively Robert Atwood, Sampath “Jag” Jagannathan, and Evan “The PixelPusher” Raskob.

I should also mention that this was part of Openlab‘s combined performance for the night – I’ll be posting more video of that (and the recent Immersion from April 4, I swear) soon!

Short video (~5 min, ogg/vorbis format)

Short video (~5 min, iPod format)

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