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  • Algorave on the CyberYacht

    The lovely people in TOPLAP Berlin, CNDSD (@CNDSD_ on twitter) and Alexandra Cardenás organised an Algorave on the CyberYacht, a VR-ish “cyber party” on Mozilla hubs. I performed my work-in-progress live 3D printing techno set, which you can see here (my set starts 32:42 into this video): There were some other great performances – the…

  • Collaborative streams using Icecast, OBS and YouTube

    Collaborative streams using Icecast, OBS and YouTube

    Every spring, when the squirrels start foraging for nuts and bears awake from their long hungry slumber, livecoders from around the world crawl out of their sleepy dens to participate in a global series of online concerts. They call this livestreaming festival Eulerroom Equinox (yes, that’s a pun on the ubiquitous ‘Boiler Room’ series of…

  • LivePrinter at Goldsmiths for the Toplap 15 Birthday Algorave

  • BITLIP performances

    BITLIP performances

    About BITLIP BITLIP focuses on creating musical, listenable sounds that people can dance too. Coming from a background in both jazz and cut-and-paste sampling he tries to combine the controlled spontaneity of musical improvisation with the textural eeriness of found sounds. His influences are quite wide, ranging from minimalist techno, classic rap, Steve Reich, Alice…

  • Whitney Evolved at Kinetica 2012

    Here is the program for our installation at the Kinetica Art Fair 2012, projected on the back wall:  

  • Drawn Together

    Drawn Together An interactive installation project, exploring creative crowd sourcing in hand drawn music videos. Shown at the Big Chill Festival, August  2010 The result of Drawn Together at The Big Chill festival, 4-8 August 2010: More images here and here About Drawn Together: Drawn Together allows groups of individuals to create a music video…


    An interactive exhibition by the multimedia artist, pixelpusher – I am very pleased to announce my first solo exhibition, WAVING/DROWNING, brought to you by Artsite in Swindon, UK. This series of works in sculpture, interactive projection, archival digital prints explores the shape of the hand in a series of modern mystical symbols. Their meaning is…

  • Openlab Opennight 15 April 2010

    This Thursday I’m playing a super-secret gig at the Flea Pit (RIP) with the Openlab gang, sure to be a good time:

  • noise=noise & Curiosity Collective present JohnnyMass

    noise=noise & Curiosity Collective present JohnnyMass experimentation handmade electronic instruments harsh noise modular synthesizer pulse birthday throb flicker brain entraining curious devices Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm Location: McGinty’s Pub (in Ronnie’s Bar) Street: 15 Northgate Street City/Town: Ipswich, United Kingdom ~~~ experimentation handmade electronic instruments harsh noise modular synthesizer pulse…

  • Livecoding at the Old Operating Theatre

    I’ll be performing (audio) with Jag and a cast of veteran livecoding musicians (slub, Wrongheaded, Michele Pasin, Thor Magnusson) at the Anatomy Museum at Kings College on 14 January 2010: