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  • LivePrinter Workshops January 2019

    LivePrinter Workshops January 2019

    I ran 2 days of workshops about LivePrinter, the open source cybernetic system for 3D printing that I’ve been developing to re-evolve 3D printers and 3D printing in a more intuitive, hands-on, iterative, exploratory way. In all, we had about 20 people attending and helping do some intensive user testing, finding bugs (some hard ones […]

  • Gameshow Hack MozFest 2013 Finished

    Gameshow Hack MozFest 2013 Finished

    Success! The Mozilla Festival 2013 went very well, we created an online gameshow from scratch (including controllers) in about 2 hours and then played it! Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially Oli Evans, Alan Shaw, James Uren, and Will Pearson for hosting the quiz. The finished scoreboard system as a jsFiddle: The github repository […]

  • Game Show Hackathon Workshop at Mozfest 2013

    Game Show Hackathon Workshop at Mozfest 2013

    Some of you might know that we’re planning a few workshops for MozFest 2013. ┬áThe planning is in full swing, and I wanted to give you a quick report on it. This session will be a 3-4 hour long hack session where we build a complete, working, fun, online game show with bespoke buzzers for […]

  • BYOSH Workshop Again!

    BUY TICKETS HERE! Another Build Your Own Superhero workshop using Processing and the Kinect camera! The last one was awesome. This should be even better!

  • TEDxKids Brussels 2011 Video

    Videos have just been posted for all the TEDxKids talks. Here is ours on creativity, art, and technology, and teaching people the “can do” and “can think” spirit: