Forking Claude’s rdex-client

reaction diffusion visuals on the GPU in Fluxus
reaction diffusion visuals on the GPU in Fluxus

As part of MakeArt 2009’s theme, forking (taking someone’s code and altering it so it becomes a new project built on top of it), I’ve forked Claude Heiland-Allen’s (claudius maximus) excellent rdex-client into an open source fluxus project on googlecode.

What this does is (from Claude’s site):

rdex-client is an installation that explores in an autonomous hyperspace mathematical model, searching for interesting emergent behaviour (life-alike, alife).

The model is a kind of continuous non-linear cellular automaton, based on partial differential equations representing chemistry of two reagents involving reaction and diffusion.

The mathematical equations of the model have four parameters, that need to be set to concrete values when running the simulation. rdex-client explores this 4D parameter space at random.

(the fluxus version doesn’t do the sophisticated analysis stuff yet, like Claude’s does)

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