Last Minute Trip to NYC

Sorry about canceling that last show at the last minute. There was a big opening at the [tag]Pace Wildenstein[/tag] gallery in New York City for a show I’d been working on for a few years, under the artist [tag]Robert Whitman[/tag].

I have a hard time explaining about the works – words don’t do them justice. In the show there is a projection of the moon Io, onto fabric curtains blowing in the breeze; a large-scale, interactive “Sun” made from altered imagery taken by [tag]NASA[/tag] of the real sun; three human-scale globes: the moons Europa and Ganymede, and Earth. each done as self-contained “worlds” with video playing on their hemispheres take from altered images taken by NASA.
Robert Whitman Europa image
Video of the installation, Sept. 6, 2007 (Quicktime Divx, 640 x 360)

The globe [tag]sculptures[/tag] look something like [tag]the Baker Moon[/tag], recently completed with much help from [tag]SOM[/tag] architect [tag]Walter Smith[/tag] as a one-off sculpture for the home of the successful real estate magnate and arts patron [tag]Richard Baker[/tag]:

The Baker moon (with Robert Whitman and Walter Smith in the foreground):
[QUICKTIME 360 270]

As a [tag]pixelist[/tag], I worked on creating the videos and interactive sun for Bob.

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