livecoding the hex(a)ble

the hex(a)ble

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This is the kind of blog entry that makes you say “huh?!”

What the heck is livecoding? Is it the opposite of what zombies do when they’re hired to write software? What the heck is a hex(a)ble? Why is there strange punctuation in that name? What do all those words and symbols mean?

I’ll explain soon… but for now, see for all about livecoding. And lets just say that we’re building a real multitouch table, with good materials and an eye for design and some really experimental multitouch games and apps. So this is why I haven’t been performing, along with organizing he Openlab workshops, of which another is coming up on 28 July (email for details and to book a space, please)

Yours Multi-Touchingly,

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