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  • Gameshow Hack MozFest 2013 Finished

    Gameshow Hack MozFest 2013 Finished

    Success! The Mozilla Festival 2013 went very well, we created an online gameshow from scratch (including controllers) in about 2 hours and then played it! Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially Oli Evans, Alan Shaw, James Uren, and Will Pearson for hosting the quiz. The finished scoreboard system as a jsFiddle: The github repository […]

  • Game Show Hackathon Workshop at Mozfest 2013

    Game Show Hackathon Workshop at Mozfest 2013

    Some of you might know that we’re planning a few workshops for MozFest 2013. ┬áThe planning is in full swing, and I wanted to give you a quick report on it. This session will be a 3-4 hour long hack session where we build a complete, working, fun, online game show with bespoke buzzers for […]

  • Computational Designer In Residence at Ravensbourne

    I’ve recently been appointed as Computational Designer at Ravensbourne, which allows me to continue developing open source software for art and design and also teaching people how to make things using software (and programmable hardware). ┬áJust as in my TEDx talk about the need for teaching technology and creativity, Ravensbourne has graciously agreed that “Computational […]

  • oops

    oops Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist This is why you should never trust the Internets. This is also how I blew out my only phototransistor and IR LED (from RadioShack! 2002! If it wasn’t blown out from sitting in the sun for 8 years, already)

  • Using the Output Plug to Drive a Solenoid

    Output plug: http://cafe.jeelabs.net/lab/op1/#index3h1 JeeNode v5: http://talk.jeelabs.net/topic/207 “To drive a small lamp or motor, you connect it between COM and the output pin(s), and you connect the power supply between COM and GND. You can probably find many examples when googling for details regarding the ULN2803 chip on that board.”

  • Halloween Lightbox

    Using the Dimmer Plug and a Jeenode to create a box of LEDs that blinks when tilted, with a brightness control (and future wireless capability…) Check the PCA9635 data sheet for programming details. Took me a bit to figure out how to vary the brightness of each LED individually, and to turn them on in […]

  • Creative Pact Day 7: Auduino

    IMG_3783 Originally uploaded by da mad pixelist Today was prep day for the first One Button Devices workshop for Openlab Workshops, so I dusted off the Arduino and sensors to make this simple “theramin-style” synthesizer using an infrared distance sensor and the Audiuno code form the lovely folks at Tinker.it.