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  • Rotating circles after Duchamp Man Ray Picabia

    You’ve probably heard of Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Picabia. If you haven’t, and especially if you have, and you happen to live somewhere near London, go directly to the Tate Modern to see their new exhibition of their combined works, do not pass go, do not collect $200. This exhibit is so chock full […]

  • movement bubbles sketch

    I was playing around with doing some object tracking and movement recognition when I started playing and came up with a quick sketch that turns detected movement into bubbles. It’s a good starting point for a series of interactive works, I think. I can see adding image textures to the bubbles, as well as making […]

  • Emotional Contagion

    A project I’ve done some work for is having an event this week at the Dana Centre, London: Date: Wednesday, 13th February, 19:00 – 20.30 Event: Dana Center, Science Museum, London Artist: Tina Gonsalves http://www.tinagonsalves.com Are emotions infectious? Why can one person make a previously upbeat group feel glum? How does empathy work? Experience emotional […]

  • Study: Negative Space

    I’ve been a bit obsessed with [tag]John Maeda[/tag]’s book, Maeda@Media. It’s a very visual journey through his works and artistic process. I find his work very minimalist, which is fitting for a man who wrote a book called “Simplicity.” Not only is it minimalist, but essential, in many ways – stripped to the core. At […]

  • Wii Worlds 4 Player Visuals

    I’ve been working on some new collaborative visuals software for performance, and finally finished the first version of it. Basically, it’s a modified and stripped down version of my main performance patch, Sine-Rave, without the audio analysis and effects.

  • Last Minute Trip to NYC

    Sorry about canceling that last show at the last minute. There was a big opening at the [tag]Pace Wildenstein[/tag] gallery in New York City for a show I’d been working on for a few years, under the artist [tag]Robert Whitman[/tag].