Tests for a music video for PJE

I’m working on a music video for a song by PJE called The Employee and doing some tests.  The idea is to create the surrealistic daydream of a 1950’s woman on her first day on the assembly line of a dreary, machine-like typist job.  I’m doing all the visuals rendered in fluxus, cut with some excellent archival footage of office films from archive.org.  This one, a 1950’s film called “Office Etiquette” is singular for having some really nice, sweeping, tracking chots mixed with good close-ups, which work well in a music video.  The original has such a cheery attitude about mind-numbing, repetitive busywork that is practically crawling on its knees and begging to be subverted.

I will first cut the video as a straight music video, with close/wide/tracking shots and clean cuts to the beat, then add in the surrealistic, colorful 3D animations done using fluxus and bit by bit break down its sanity.  Look here for more…

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