Hand-waving-time-slices test

Hand-waving-time-slices test

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For an upcoming exhibition (my first solo exhibition) I’ve been working on a series of 5-7 new works, from interactive software to prints to sculpture. These tests are from a live capture of my hand opening and closing in front of a camera attached to the computer, using custom written software (a bit of OpenFrameworks and lots of standard C++) that exports each individual motion into a vector-graphics file (SVG) that I can edit and send to a laser-cutter (in our excellent arts workshops at UCA Farnham) to create a sculpture that solidifies the motion into a physical object.

This test is about 80% size, and about 25% of the total slices (the rest I will add this week). Its using 6mm plywood from the local building shop, and will be 78 unique slices in total when finished, connected together at the bottom via a metal cable.

Exhibition details:


24 May – 29 May – Waving / Drowning

An interactive exhibition by pixelpusher – pixelist.info/

This series of works re-imagines the artist’s hand in a number of different mediums as a series of modern mystical symbols. Their meaning is uncertain, removed from their traditional context: are they waving at us, or flailing in a sea of lost meaning?

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