Wii Worlds 4 Player Visuals

I’ve been working on some new collaborative visuals software for performance, and finally finished the first version of it. Basically, it’s a modified and stripped down version of my main performance patch, Sine-Rave, without the audio analysis and effects.

What’s left are tumbling “worlds” engulfing the camera in layers, as if the camera was looking outward through the translucent skin of an onion. The worlds change with a click of the Wii remote’s buttons. Each participant controls some aspect of this tumbling action, layer blending, etc., and you can change that control on the fly during the performance using the handy drop down menus.

Some screenshots:

Wii Worlds Colored Moon Screenshot

Wii Worlds Pop Art Westminster Screenshot

Wii Worlds Colored abstract worlds screenshot

Here’s what the main window looks like:

Wii Worlds main screen image

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