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  • video – Immersion 4 Oct 2007 Set 1 with Duskrider

    I really liked this set. The whole night started off with some great, soundtrack-style, moody electronic soundscapes courtesy of Duskrider and I brought some dark, video destroying software to match. Quicktime Divx (640 x 360) ~148MB

  • THA CLICK at E:vent Gallery 5 October 2007

    This isn’t one of my performances, but it’s well worth checking out! If you’re interested in game console hacks, youtube hacks, and/or totally messed up technicolour videos and prints, this exhibition might be of interest to you… Private view: 5 October, 7-11pm E:vent Gallery, 96 Teesdale Street, Bethnal Green, E2 6PU (tube: Bethnal Green) iew […]

  • Wii Worlds 4 Player Visuals

    I’ve been working on some new collaborative visuals software for performance, and finally finished the first version of it. Basically, it’s a modified and stripped down version of my main performance patch, Sine-Rave, without the audio analysis and effects.

  • Last Minute Trip to NYC

    Sorry about canceling that last show at the last minute. There was a big opening at the [tag]Pace Wildenstein[/tag] gallery in New York City for a show I’d been working on for a few years, under the artist [tag]Robert Whitman[/tag].

  • New Website

    Hello fans and social acquaintances, PixelPusher proudly presents a powerfully purposeful and pretty new homepage. Now you can track my performances (both upcoming and past) via handy RSS feeds. You’ll notice the RSS icons in appropriate spots on these pages, they have 3 curvy lines and vaguely depict the broadcasting of something unspecific and digital. […]

  • demo video – wiiremote + Sine-Rave

    Here’s a small demo of the Wii-remote-enabled Sine-Rave performance system. (Video in full post)

  • Evil Sun music video

    This entry is about the making of the Evil Sun music video (included in full at the end of the article).