Creative Pact Day 4

Eh? Caka?

So, today I didn’t do anything for the creative pact.  Marcus and I were doing some filming tests for his Tiny Dancer project, which involves a bunch of live tracing of people’s outlines while dancing. It’s written in OpenFrameworks (well, C++ really) and uses a serious amount of multi-threaded asynchronous queues so that it can both write and save audio data at the same time as performing some intensive video analysis, all in realtime, all without skipping, and all the while guaranteeing that it saves data in very particular and uncorrupted formats.

What we’re doing now is gathering a lot of data on people dancing, using background subtraction and infrared lighting to isolate the dancers’ outlines.  The people at the Arcola Theatre right across the street were nice enough to let us borrow a studio to film in.

So that’s what I did today; some days you gotta work and have no time for anything else, especially on a gorgeous Friday.

I think this picture sums it up.

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