Immersion 2008 4 December

Immersion Flyer 2008 4 December

Experimental electronics, noise, tones/drones and pulses/rhythms, partnered by cutting edge projected art visuals – all processed live. At The Flea Pit, Columbia Rd, Hackney, London, E2 7RG.

Artists featured:

ABKomm // Alnagak // Infinite Scale // Removal Company // Suero // Zainetica
(details at


Dr. Mo
Veteran VJ and master of visual atmosphere.

Using 100% self generated content Mowgli combines CGI animation with
filmed clips, sound reactive and generative visuals creating an eclectic
tapestry of visual delights.

VJ Neon
Intense cut-and-paste visuals.

Rob Munro
Rob Munro is an audiovisual artist working visuals with PD and processing for 4 years. Creating textural mashups of any video content he can get his hands on. He uses all open source software in his work.

Fat Butcher
International performer Fat Butcher uses non-narrative storytelling and and ambient digital collages to create colourful, figurative, optical stimulation.

I’ll be playing a video short called Traffictimeblotcher:

Traffic Timeblotcher is an experimental art project exploring the rhythms and patterns of city life over time. Traffic is a little bit of an obsession in my family, where finding the shortest route from point A to point B in the greater metropolitan area is a competitive sport. So I was intrigued by the New York City’s MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) and DOT (Department of Transportation) webcams broadcasting live images of traffic conditions throughout New York City every day. I decided to explore other ways of experiencing this incredibly dense stream of imagery and data.

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