Livecoding at Resonance Ghent 28 Feb 2009

PixelPusher wil be joining veteran livecoders Dave Griffiths and Gabor Papp as part of a livecoding workshop and performance night for Resonance, Ghent, Belgium.  I promise to crash my laptop at least once duting the performance, just so you know its live!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Feb 27-Mar 1) we have:

* Fokke de Jong (.nl) and Jan-Kees Van Kampen (.nl). Pulsecode versus
* Dave Griffiths (slub, .uk), Fluxus. Alex McLean joins virtually.
* Gabor Papp (No Copy Paste, .hu), Fluxus.
* Graham Coleman (.us), database madness?
* Antti Jadertpolm (.fi), Photoshop.
* Evan Raskob (“Pixelpusher”, .us), Fluxus.


* Kuz.b (.fr), Supercollider versus System 100

And all of this, supported by (
Machinefabriek, Eavesdropper, Alva Noto, Move D & Benjamin Brunn,
Efdemin, Claro Intelecto & Andy Stott, Peter van Hoesen, Mokira,
Deepchord presents Echospace ).

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  1. […] Resonance Ghent invited a group of livecoders, audio and visual to perform livecoding all day in the delightful little gallery Espace Ladda, next to the Vooruit cutlural center, in the center of town. As a piece of what can almost be described as “productive performance art” we sat in a tight circle of laptops enmeshed with projectors and surrounded by projection screens, grinding out audio and visuals from live software coding. Interested people wandered around us, and occasionally asked what we were doing, sparking off some pleasant conversations about all things art, code, visual, and audio. […]

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