PopArt (a sketch)

PopArt Sketch 20080806

The first rule of blogging is to blog often.  So much for that. I’ve been traveling the world, and moving, and generally sans internet (that means “without internet” for all you non-French speakers).  In spite of this blog silence, I’ve been working on a lot of new things.  Like more experiments and sketches in Pop Art and Processing.   Here’s one (source code included):

PopArt 01


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  1. It seems that “ctr” (which is an int, and you call a “counter”) can just as well be a float, and doesn’t require rounding for the drawing operations. It probably doesn’t make much difference, but you have non-int-valued space and spaceMult variables which you are using to increment/decrement ctr so you might as well keep the “detail”. :o)

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