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  • Remmbering Bob Whitman

    https://www.pacegallery.com/journal/remembering-robert-whitman/ Sad news, just found out that pioneering performance and digital artist Robert Whitman passed away two weeks ago. Bob was a legend and a friend (I collaborated on his 2007 “Turning” exhibition and his “sun” and “Moon”) and a real visionary of the social/technical/conceptual potential of media, interaction, projection, and art. He was a…

  • Sound Spirals, Provocative Plastics, Oscilloscopes, Hands

    Sound Spirals, Provocative Plastics, Oscilloscopes, Hands

    I recently gave a talk at the Provocative Plastics conference at the Museum of Design in Plastics at the Arts University Bournemouth.   My presentation slides are online, and hopefully the video of the talk will be uploaded soon (as promised). Currently, The Sound Spirals are made with some custom software fast-prototyped in Processing (yes I…

  • ICE_SNAKE==NOISE at Unleashed Devices 1 September to 22 October 2010

    http://tintarts.org/wp-content/Unleashed_Devices_eflyer.pdf I’m pleased to say that my performance piece, ICE_SNAKE==NOISE will be adapted into an interactive audio-visual installation for Unleashed Devices at Watermans Gallery from 1 September to 22 October 2010. After a few years of adding visual flair to the sonic cacephony of countless (nearly) NOISE==NOISE nights across London, I finally jumped into the…

  • Twitter Words Visualization

    A visualization of each individual word used in twitter status updates overnight from 6PM GMT on Feb 22 2010 until 10AM GMT on Feb 23. Movement is caused by the list of words growing, as the program sees more individual words. Words used more often are larger and brighter (they grow logarithmically). There were a…

  • Toad Circle particle system

    Click to Play Playing with a circular particle system based on a water simulation, done using Fluxus (http://pawfal.org/fluxus). Energy is tranferred between adjacent toads, so after time they start to bounce back and forth chaotically. Code:

  • The Cane Toad Orchestra at Space Studios pt 2

    Click to Play 22 Oct 2009 – music to come!

  • Terradisco at Club Hidden 21 Feb 2009

    Terradisco At Club Hidden! 100 Tinworth St., Vauxhall. ZAN LYONS (Live AV set) JULIEN OTTAIVI aka THE NOISE (Area 10) ZERO POINT ENERGY (Noise=Noise) KONSTRUCT FZV (A.I / Pitchless Industries) CODEX EUROPA (Level X) PATRICIDE Capade Duodroume [In]flussi N-Eye Ah Oddscene Pixel Pusher Slub Zan Lyons

  • Glitchnight 11 Feb 2009

    Join The Beaufort Scale, inputJunkie, David Lackenby and PixelPusher for Glitchnight at the Vibe Bar on 11 Feb! Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=44573587579

  • Immersion 12 Feb 2009

    Happy 2009! It’s time for the first Immersion of 2009 – your favourite bi-monthly audio/visual event – and we have a great line-up this month.  Starting at 7:00pm and lasting until 11:30pm, on Thurs 12 February 2009 Spencer Mash (SS_R) & PixelPusher present a night of soundscapes, experimental music, and visuals as part of the…

  • Sound on Vision 19 Oct 2008

    Pixelpusher is performing along with other visualists and DJs as part of the Sound On Vision series at VIBE LIVE (click the image above for the full-size flyer). Expect massive visuals, 7 projectors, good music, and audience participation. Good clean, fun. 4:30-11:30pm VIBE LIVE (above VIBE Bar) Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane E1 6QL London…